Synergy DBL C Interface

Synergy DBL’s C interface facilitates adding user‑designed C and Assembly routines to your Synergy application on Windows and UNIX. The Synergy DBL C Interface is not available in Synergy .NET.

Understanding the C interface

Passing arguments to C routines from Synergy DBL

C routine processing

Runtime interface functions

dbl_exec - Execute a routine within a Synergy program

dblerror - Issue a trappable Synergy DBL error

get_chn_sts - Get the status of a channel

get_gbl_ptr - Get the address of a named global data section

get_seg_ptr - Get the address of a routine’s control segment

get_xarg - Get a subroutine argument’s descriptor

get_xarg_cstr - Get a subroutine argument as a null‑terminated C string

get_xarg_fval - Get a subroutine argument as a floating‑point value

get_xarg_val - Get a subroutine argument as an integer value

put_descr - Perform a Synergy DBL store operation

put_xarg - Load data into a subroutine argument

put_xarg_fval - Load a floating‑point value into an argument

put_xarg_str - Load a string into a subroutine argument

put_xarg_val - Load a value into an argument

Building a dynamic library with C routines