Get the address of a routine’s control segment

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX


SEGENTRY *get_seg_ptr(char *routine)



A pointer to a null-terminated string that defines the name of the routine.


The get_seg_ptr function gets the address of a routine’s control segment.

The return value points to the control segment for the routine. If get_seg_ptr can’t find the named routine the return value is null.

Each routine that can be accessed from Synergy DBL with a subroutine or function reference has an associated entry within the segment tables. If the routine is written in Synergy DBL, the SE_DBL flag within the flags field is set and the entry is a SEGENTRY structure. If the SE_DBL flag is not set, the routine is assumed to be written in C and the entry is laid out according to a MEMENTRY structure. (See the xcall.h file for more details.)