Get the status of a channel

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX


int get_chn_sts(int channel, DBL_CSTAT *structure, char *filename)



The Synergy DBL channel to reference.


A pointer to a DBL_CSTAT structure to load.


A pointer to a buffer in which to load the channel’s associated filename as a null‑terminated string.


The get_chn_sts function gets information about a Synergy DBL channel.

The return value is a copy of the cs_flags entry, which defines the state of the channel. See the xcall.h file for more information about cs_flags.

If the specified channel is invalid or if it is not currently open, the returned flag is zero. If structure is null, the return value is still valid, but no structure is loaded.

If filename is null, no filename is copied. If filename is not null, the routine assumes that the buffer is large enough to contain the filename and should be up to 255 bytes in length.


The information returned by this routine is provided as a convenience to you. It is only a copy of a subset of the data maintained by the Synergy runtime for the referenced channel. The runtime assumes that it is the only manipulator of Synergy DBL channels, and any I/O to or from a file that is “unknown” to the runtime could cause data corruption.