Synergy Windowing API

The Synergy windowing API enables you to add features such as menus, bordered displays, and pop‑up help and error messages to your application.

General windowing concepts

Windowing routines

W_AREA - Manipulate the processing and display areas

W_BRDR - Control window borders, titles, and their attributes

W_CAPTION - Retrieve or load the application window caption

W_DISP - Control window display and input functions

W_EXIT - Exit the windowing system

W_FLDS - Manipulate field sets within a window

W_INFO - Get information about the windowing system

%W_INFO - Get information about the windowing system

W_INIT - Initialize the windowing system

W_PROC - General window processing

W_RESTORE - Restore a window that was previously compressed

W_SAVE - Save a window in compressed form

W_UPDT - Update the physical screen

Error processing in the windowing system

Converting your code to use the windowing API