Synergy Windowing API

The Synergy windowing API enables you to add features such as menus, bordered displays, and pop-up help and error messages to your application.

W_AREA - Manipulate the processing and display areas

W_BRDR - Control window borders, titles, and their attributes

W_CAPTION - Retrieve or load the application window caption

W_DISP - Control window display and input functions

W_EXIT - Exit the windowing system

W_FLDS - Manipulate field sets within a window

W_INFO - Get information about the windowing system

%W_INFO - Get information about the windowing system

W_INIT - Initialize the windowing system

W_PROC - General window processing

W_RESTORE - Restore a window that was previously compressed

W_SAVE - Save a window in compressed form

W_UPDT - Update the physical screen