Update the physical screen

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall W_UPDT


W_UPDT updates the physical screen. A window display changes only when the physical screen is updated to reflect changes in the logical screen. W_UPDT and the WD_UPDT function of W_DISP are the only way to explicitly update the physical screen.

You can also implicitly update the screen with W_EXIT or with the window input functions WD_READS, WD_GETS, WD_ACCEPT, or WF_INPUT, which automatically update the screen before data is read in. (The screen is also implicitly updated by the WA_INSERT and WA_SCROLL functions when hardware scrolling is in effect.)

Because of this implicit updating, you do not often need to use W_UPDT. You will need it, however, whenever you want to display something when no terminal input is occurring. For example, you could use it to display a “Please wait…” message during a long process.

If W_UPDT was preceded by a call to WP_REDRAW, the entire screen is updated. If W_UPDT is not preceded by a WP_REDRAW function, only those positions that have been modified are updated.


In this simple call, we use a screen update to display a “Please wait” message.

    xcall w_proc(WP_CREATE, window, choice, 1, 15, WP_PLACE, window, 24, 32)
    xcall w_brdr(window, WB_OFF)
    xcall w_disp(window, WD_ATTR, ATTR_SET + ATTR_BLNK + ATTR_BOLD, "Please wait")
    xcall w_updt