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arrow bullet point graphic Synergy product ordering made easy(er)
arrow bullet point graphic Taking Aim at the Credit Card Security Target
arrow bullet point graphic The 2018 Synergy DevPartner Conference will be here soon
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arrow bullet point graphic Development projects piling up? Let us help!
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See where Synergy's headed with our 2018 product roadmap

Want to learn about the future development of Synergy? We’ve created a roadmap highlighting upcoming Synergy/DE releases, planned features, and our primary areas of focus.

View Our Roadmap

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Synergy product ordering made easy(er)

We have a new Synergy/DE Product Order Form in the Resource Center. Now when you submit your orders, they’re sent directly to our Customer Service team for processing. Orders placed between 7:00a.m. and 5:00 p.m. PT (Monday–Friday) will be processed and ready for online key generation within two hours of receipt, often sooner.

  • It’s an easy way to place your orders.
  • It will help you place accurate orders.

Access to the new order form is restricted so that your company can specify who’s authorized to place orders. Only users with "License Admin" privileges can order. Contact with any questions.

Order Form

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Taking Aim at the Credit Card Security Target

By Galen Carpenter, Sr. System Software Engineer

Trying to keep up with the latest online security recommendations can be a headache when your software has to handle credit card payments. It seems like as soon as you get everything updated and in compliance, there’s a new threat, followed by new security requirements—it’s like trying to hit a moving target!

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The 2018 Synergy DevPartner Conference will be here soon

Join us October 8-12 at the 2018 Synergy DevPartner Conference in historic New Orleans for 3 days of informative sessions plus 2 days of in-depth workshops.

Learning about new ways to advance your application and connecting with fellow developers is always a good time!

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Big Code

By Richard Morris, Synergex Technology Evangelist

If you have large (and I mean LARGE) blocks of code in single source files – and by large I mean 20k lines plus – then you may be having compiler issue with “SEGBIG” errors: “Segment too big”. This issue arises because your code segment is just too big for the compiler to handle and is usually the result of many man years of development to a single routine that has just grown over time.

If you encounter SEGBIG issues, as a customer I have recently worked with did, then this quick blog will give you some practical ideas of how to manage the issue and modify the code to allow for future development and expansion, without having to rewrite the world.

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Development projects piling up? Let us help!

Is there a project you’ve been wanting to pursue? Do you need additional development support? Not sure where to take your application next? Our team of experts can step in at any phase of your project to help you identify and meet your requirements and hit your targets.

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Tech Tip

“Invalid operation join (on)” error after updating

Starting in Synergy 10.3.3d, you can no longer match a field to a key that is not the same type. If you start getting the error
Invalid operation join (on) key type does not match key type in file
either the key or the type definition of the field is incorrect and must be remedied. Run the ipar utility in DBLDIR on the ISAM file being used in the Join statement. You will see the keys and the type for each key. The default type is alpha. If the key doesn’t match the field but should, you’ll need to rebuild the file with the correct key. To do so,

  • Create a parameter file using ipar -g.
  • Edit the parameter file and replace the wrong key type with the right type. See ISAMC’s TYPE option in the Synergy/DE documentation for the syntax of  different types.
  • Unload the file using isutl or fconvert.
  • Upload the data to a new ISAM file using the edited parameter file. Fconvert is the best tool for this.

If the field type is wrong and the ISAM key is correct, either change the type in the code or edit the repository field with Repository (if the definition comes from the repository).


Your input makes Synergy/DE better!

The Synergex Resource Center Community is the place to make yourself heard!

Have thoughts about Synergy/DE? Have an idea for a feature that would make your development life so much easier? Need answers to your coding questions?

Ask questions, post your ideas, or vote on other ideas you'd like to see implemented on our Answers and Ideas forums. We incorporate your ideas into our releases, and voting helps us prioritize and determine which ideas would be helpful to the largest number of developers.

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Fun Fact

Fun Fact

The average person normally blinks 20 times a minute, but when using a computer they blink only 7 times a minute.

(Ophthalmologists usually recommend taking a break from your computer every 20 minutes so your eyes can have a good rest. Learn how to implement the 20-20-20 rule here.)

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