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arrow bullet point graphic Synergy/DE 10.3.3e provides SDI enhancements and quality improvements
arrow bullet point graphic Manage your licenses online
arrow bullet point graphic Join us in New Orleans for the 2018 DevPartner Conference
arrow bullet point graphic What a cracking Idea – How participating in the Resource Center Community can improve your Synergy tools
arrow bullet point graphic Synergex Professional Services at your service
arrow bullet point graphic Select performance AND optimization OR optimization
arrow bullet point graphic Our training videos are now at your fingertips
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Synergy/DE 10.3.3e provides SDI enhancements and quality improvements

Recently released Synergy/DE 10.3.3e delivers enhancements to Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio (SDI), such as improved build performance and support for Visual Studio 2017 version 15.6, as well as many quality improvements throughout the Synergy/DE toolset.

10.3.3e is available on all supported platforms. Download 10.3.3e now, or for more information, visit the Synergex website, read the release notes, or watch this video.

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Manage your licenses online

Want an easier way to generate keys and manage your Synergy/DE licenses? Check out the expanded Licenses feature in the Synergex Resource Center, where you can now manage standard Synergy/DE licenses as well as device licenses. You can find the Licenses feature as well as the Cases feature in the new Products & Support area of the Resource Center.

If you’re not already set up as a license admin for your company, contact Synergex Customer Service for access to Licenses. We can also set you up as a site admin to manage Resource Center permissions for your company.

Join us in New Orleans for the 2018 DevPartner Conference

Get jazzed for the 2018 Synergy DevPartner Conference October 8-12, 2018! Note that we’ve switched the frequency of our conference schedule from annually to every 18 months—all the more reason to make sure you don’t miss this one.

Early bird registration is now open


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What a cracking Idea – How participating in the Resource Center Community can improve your Synergy tools

By Richard Morris, Synergex Technology Evangelist

The Synergex Resource Center Community site has a number of great features, including the Answers and Ideas portals. Ideas is the place to post your ideas for improving Synergy and related products. You can vote for ideas and provide comment and feedback to help the whole community be more successful.

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Synergex Professional Services at your service

Development projects piling up? Let us help!

Is there a project you’ve been wanting to pursue? Do you need additional development support? Not sure where to take your application next? Our team of experts can step in at any phase of your project to help you identify and meet your requirements and hit your targets.

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Select performance AND optimization OR optimization

by John Brunett, Senior Software Engineer

The Synergy/DE Select class is a very powerful tool, but if you’re not careful, it can be a performance bottleneck. One of the advantages of a 3GL like Synergy/DE over a 4GL relational database is the performance potential of a more direct or intentional I/O. The Synergy/DE Select is simply an added layer above a flat or ISAM file that retrieves data based on a set of relational criteria. SQL can spend a significant amount of time analyzing those criteria against database cardinality (or projected number of rows) and then make a best guess as to how it should retrieve the data. The Synergy/DE Select quickly analyzes those criteria using the specified relational qualities against existing keys without knowledge of their cardinality.

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training videos

Our training videos are now at your fingertips

All of our videos are now conveniently organized and searchable on our website.

Browse videos by topic in our curated training videos section, or search our entire video directory.

If you’re newer to Synergy, we recommend you check out the section on Synergy DBL Basics.

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Tech Tip

Creating a byte array of hex values from decimal values in traditional Synergy

The correct technique to create a byte array of hex values in Synergy is to store them in a 1-byte alpha variable using XCALL ASCII. A byte array might be necessary, for example, when the receiving device is expecting one while using the Synergy socket API.

Although one might consider using the %HEX function, %HEX does not return a 1-byte value. The smallest number of characters returned with %HEX is 2 (passing 1 for magnitude) bytes. Thus, %HEX wouldn't work to populate a byte array. 

XCALL ASCII, however, will convert a decimal value into a single (byte) ASCII character. The resulting ASCII character is the 8-bit binary pattern equivalent to the decimal value, and with traditional Synergy, the byte data type represents an 8-bit signed integer. Thus, if the decimal values are stored in a decimal array, and the hex values will be stored in an alpha array, you can use code like the following:

alp_vals    ,[15]a1

dec_vals    ,[15]d2     ,64,32,65,32,66,32,67,32,68,32,69,32,70,32,71

for counter = from 1 thru 15
                xcall ascii(dec_vals[counter], alp_vals[counter])


Thanks again for taking our survey!

Your feedback has helped us with product planning and improving our services, and we’ll continue to reference it going forward. You provided a lot of great information. Here are some highlights:

  • 13% of respondents have been using Synergex products for 5 years or less, and 13% have been using them for “too many years to count.”
  • Resource Center Community? A little over half the respondents had Community accounts. A quarter did not know about our Answers and Ideas forums. (Check them out here.)
  • Coffee preference? The highest number of respondents said they don’t drink coffee. Of those that do, Starbucks edged out Dunkin’ Donuts and “another coffee shop.”
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Microsoft has a tradition of celebrating an employee’s hiring anniversary date by having them bring M&M candies to work to share with their coworkers. Traditionally, the employee is supposed to bring a pound of M&Ms for each year he/she has worked for Microsoft.

Industry News

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“Synergy .NET has allowed us to take our in-house software to a new level. Our Technical Manager needed a new ‘all bells and whistles’ formulation maintenance program to replace our aging Toolkit program written 20 years ago, and Synergex stepped in and built a new desktop app that’s even using some of my old Toolkit code. Users are already asking for enhancements!”

– Keith Hill, James Briggs Limited

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