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arrow bullet point graphic How much memory does your sort really want?
arrow bullet point graphic Don’t pass the buck to the runtime!
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arrow bullet point graphic The Synergy DevPartner Conference: “Go. Learn. Stay current”
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Synergy/DE 10.3.3c delivers valuable features and fixes

Announced at the 2017 Synergy DevPartner Conference in May, Synergy/DE 10.3.3c includes enhancements to traditional Synergy development in Visual Studio, improved Universal Windows Platform (UWP) support, improved sort performance, and more. 10.3.3c is available on all supported platforms, and we recommend that all customers update to it to stay current.



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How much memory does your sort really want?

By John Brunett, Senior Software Engineer

The Synergy sort has always been a powerful language feature. However, as disk drives have gotten larger, so, too, have the files sorted. Files that used to be many megabytes in size are now many gigabytes (and soon will be many terabytes). It has become more difficult for Synergy to choose an optimal memory size that provides the best sort performance amongst all ranges of file sizes. In this article, I will give you some history of the Synergy sort and tell you about some new features added in 10.3.3c.


Don’t pass the buck to the runtime!

By Roger Andrews, CTO and Synergy/DE Architect

The Synergex development team recently enhanced the Synergy/DE compiler to generate warnings for suspicious code that can result in runtime errors or bad data. In most cases, these warnings were added in response to customer cases. The updated compiler will be available in a hotfix to 10.3.3c and an SDI developer build after 10.3.3c-2222. Several customers who are already using this compiler have had 1000+ warnings due to these changes. They were delighted that these new warnings allowed them to find coding errors at compile time rather than relying on their own runtime tests to catch them—or worse, having users catch obscure errors at runtime.


My trip to Atlanta

By Jodah Veloper

Jodah photosWhat a great time I had at the 2017 Synergy DevPartner Conference! I got to meet up with friends I only see once a year, get my questions answered by the experts at Synergex, and see the end results of using new technologies. Synergex kept us well fueled with Diet Coke, but I wouldn’t have slept through any of the sessions regardless—there was just too much to learn. My favorites were the ones on building RESTful web services, accessing ISAM data, building a data warehouse from replicated data, debugging Synergy code in .NET, and building a bot. A few customers demo’d what their companies are doing with Synergy—very impressive! And of course I always love the Synergy/DE product update, so I know what’s coming down the pike. Best of all, I added an awesome conference t-shirt to my collection.

You can find more photos of me with my friends on the Synergex Facebook page.

Synergy DevPartner Conference 2017

The Synergy DevPartner Conference: “Go. Learn. Stay current”

Here’s some feedback from conference attendees:

“The conference shows you paths that others have taken to modernize the UI and UX in their software and keep it current. Actually seeing what others have done and learning how they did it in a short period of time gives you options to consider that are very valuable.”

“A great way to be inspired to make your product more desirable.”

“Go, learn, stay current. The tools are always evolving.”

“From networking to real-live applications to the ability to get with the experts to have whatever questions answered, this is the place.”

“If you're not sure how to protect/leverage your software investment, go! If you're wondering what's possible, go!”

“Hands down the most productive conference we attend. The Synergy DevPartner Conference continues to deliver quality, usable content year after year. We would not be the company we are without attending this conference consistently.”


See what you missed!

Many of the 2017 DevPartner Conference presentations are now available on our YouTube channel, with more being uploaded each week. Learn about building a data warehouse from replicated data, building a bot with Synergy .NET, debugging Synergy code in Visual Studio, and much more. And while you’re there, check out the first several videos in our new Anatomy of Synergy series.

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Tech Tip

Writing to an ISAM file hangs, but reading the file works

We've got a process that hangs when writing to an ISAM file, but it can read the same file just fine. What's going on?

The first thing to check is the read/write permissions on the file or directory. If those are correctly set, check to see if you are running synbackup or have run it recently. It is possible that synbackup is still set. To check, look for the file C:\Program Files\Synergex\SynergyDE\dbl\synbackup.cfg. If that file exists, run the following commands from an administrative command prompt:

synbackup -x
synbackup -d
If you get an error saying that the synbackup.cfg file is in use by another process, it's highly likely that the process is xfServer. Stop the xfServer service (rysnd) running on the machine and try again.


Fun Fact

Fun Fact

Linux penguinAccording to legend, Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux, came up with the idea to have a penguin be the Linux mascot after a little penguin bit his finger when he visited the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, Australia. (It has also been proposed that Torvalds liked the idea simply because a chubby, smiling penguin wasn’t your typical corporate logo.) The familiar image that is now named “Tux” was designed by artist Larry Ewing as an entry in one of several Linux logo competitions, but since Tux didn’t win, he’s referred to as the mascot rather than the logo. “Tux” can either be an abbreviation for “(T)orvalds (U)ni(X)” or “tuxedo,” which is what penguins are often described as wearing. Because Tux is an open source image, anyone can use it to promote a Linux-related product without paying licensing fees or acquiring approval.


Industry News

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“The Synergex DevPartner Conference is one of the best ways to learn about new developments in the language and is a great opportunity to expose your customers to the Synergy community. Your customers are also Synergy customers.”

– Paul McMahon, Turn-Key Distribution Systems

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