Setting up your environment for development

Before you start creating your .NET application, check the list below to ensure your environment is set up properly. If you are working on the same machine as was used to create the assembly, some of these steps are already done. If not, you’ll need to copy files to your .NET development machine.

1. Install Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.
2. Install xfNetLink .NET. During installation, xfnlnet.dll will be registered in the GAC (global assembly cache) and installed as a native image.
3. Copy your Synergy .NET assembly to a location where your application can reference it and, if necessary, register it in the GAC. There are two instances in which your assembly must be registered in the GAC:
4. (optional) Copy the files for the API documentation to the development machine. These files can go in any convenient location.
5. Create or edit the configuration file (if your application will use one) using the xfNetLink .NET Configuration Utility. See Using an application configuration file for more information about configuration files and instructions on using the utility.
6. If your application will use pooling, create, configure, and start the pool. See Understanding .NET pooling and Implementing .NET pooling.