Verify, recover, and optimize ISAM files (Revision 4 or higher)

The ISAM file maintenance utility (isutl) performs maintenance on Revision 4 or higher ISAM files. Maintenance includes verifying the integrity of files, recovering corrupted files, reclaiming deleted record space, converting to compressed or static RFA file types, ordering data by a particular key, and packing indexes.

Isutl has the following options:

isutl -f - Fast-load a sequential file

isutl -i - Launch the information advisor

isutl -p - Patch an ISAM file to another version

isutl -r - Rebuild an ISAM file (Revision 4 or higher)

isutl -s - Check and resynchronize ISAM file if out of sync (Revision 6 or higher)

isutl -v - Verify the integrity of an ISAM file (Revision 4 or higher)