isutl -f

Fast-load a sequential file

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX


isutl -f[ak] sequential_filename [fastload_options] [-h|-?] [-mlevel#] filename[ ...]



(optional) Generate new autokey values.


The name of the sequential file to load into the specified empty ISAM file.


(optional) One or more of the following options for fast-loading a sequential file:


Identify the sequential file as a Synergy counted file.

-p density

Pack the index blocks to the specified percentage for each defined key during the load operation.

-h or -?

(optional) Display help screen.


(optional) Specify a message level that defines the amount of information displayed during an operation, where level is one of the following values:

0 = No output is generated. All errors generated are returned in the form of an exit value.

1 = Only errors and necessary output are displayed. (default)

2 = Process information is displayed, in addition to errors and necessary output.


The name of the ISAM file(s) into which you want to load a sequential file. The default extension is .ism.


Isutl -f quickly loads (fast-loads) a sequential or counted file into an existing, empty ISAM file. This operation is highly optimized for speed. When loading an empty ISAM file with isutl -f, benchmark tests indicate performance is three to five times faster than the isload utility.


See the fconvert utility for loading ISAM files. You can expect the same performance with fewer file restrictions.