Using lists in Toolkit applications

There are several ways to include lists in your Toolkit application.

List Routines discusses the first two options listed above. For information on the second two options, see Options for ActiveX.

To create a list that’s portable between UNIX, OpenVMS, and all supported Windows platforms, use a Toolkit list. For a more Windows-like list, use an ActiveX Toolkit list (see Specifying and determining the list type). ActiveX Toolkit lists wrap some of the functionality of the Spread control, creating ActiveX lists that you can control with Toolkit list routines. These work as ActiveX Toolkit lists on Windows platforms and as standard Toolkit lists on UNIX and OpenVMS. The following are some of the additional features available with ActiveX Toolkit lists:

See Notes and tips for ActiveX Toolkit lists for more information on ActiveX Toolkit lists.

See Appendix C: Keyboard Navigation for Lists on Windows for information on keyboard navigation in Windows environments (what keys and key combinations do in their default state, which keys are privatized, and which keys can never be used as shortcuts).