Installing, configuring, and initializing

To run an application that uses the SQL Connection API,

1. Install and configure SQL Connection and SQL OpenNet and start the SQL OpenNet server by following the steps in the installation instructions and Configuring Connectivity Series. The SQL OpenNet service has a display name of “Synergy/DE OpenNet Server” and a service name of SynSQL.
2. Initialize SQL Connection. This instructs the Synergy runtime to allocate the necessary memory.

On Windows and UNIX, there are two ways to do this:

On OpenVMS, call %INIT_SSQL from your program. For information, see Initializing SQL Connection.

If you use DBLOPT to set system option #48, all Synergy programs use the extra memory that the Synergy runtime allocates for SQL Connection, even if these programs don’t use SQL Connection. However, if you call %INIT_SSQL or %OPTION from your program, only programs that use SQL Connection will use these extra resources.