Database Functions

SQL Connection database functions are directly related to SQL‑based operations and data access. Each database function returns a value and can be used any place a literal can be used in a Synergy program.

%INIT_SSQL - Initialize SQL Connection

%SSC_BIND - Bind host variables for non‑SELECT statement

%SSC_CANCEL - Cancel outstanding requests

%SSC_CLOSE - Hard close one or more open cursors

%SSC_CMD - Set database-specific options

%SSC_COMMIT - Start or commit a transaction

%SSC_CONNECT - Connect to a database channel

%SSC_DEFINE - Define host variables for the SELECT statement

%SSC_DESCSQL - Describe an SQL statement

%SSC_EXECIO - Execute a stored procedure with I/O parameters

%SSC_EXECUTE - Execute a non‑SELECT statement (no I/O parameters)

%SSC_INDICATOR - Retrieve indicator variables

%SSC_INIT - Initialize a database channel

%SSC_LARGECOL - Get or put a large binary or char column

%SSC_MOVE - Fetch rows of data

%SSC_OPEN - Open a cursor

%SSC_REBIND - Rebind host variables for a new query

%SSC_RELEASE - Release a database channel

%SSC_ROLLBACK - Roll back a transaction

%SSC_SCLOSE - Soft close one or more open cursors

%SSC_SQLLINK - Link a non‑SELECT statement to cursor for a SELECT statement

%SSC_STRDEF - Define a structure