Creating a new report

1. Select Operations > Create new report.
2. In the Report name field, enter a name of the report you want to create.
3. Exit the window.

The name you type is the default header for your report. (See Creating the header and footer layout for details on how to change a report header.)

If you type the name of a report that already exists or select a report from the directory listing, you are prompted

A report already exists with that name. Use it anyway?

Select Yes to overwrite the old report with the new one; the existing report name is used, and the existing report definition is overwritten when you save the new report. Select No to cancel the request and bring up the new report name prompt again.

When you enter a report name, that name is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen, and the Design menu is pulled down from the menu bar. The options on the Design menu list the steps required to create your report. At a minimum, you’ll need to select at least one file to read and one field to print before you can generate your report. See the following for details on these steps:

Choosing the Files to Read

Designing Your Report

Using Temporary Fields

Specifying Selection Criteria

Sorting Your Report

Once you’ve specified a report name in the Report name field, that report is referred to as the loaded report.

Creating a new report by copying an existing one

You can also create a new report by loading an existing report and saving it to a new name. This method is beneficial when the report you want to create is similar to an existing report.

1. Select Operations > Load existing report.
2. In the Report name field, enter the name of the report you want to copy. (To select a report from a list of existing reports, use the List selections function.)
3. Exit the window.
4. Save the report by selecting Operations > Save report.
5. In the Report name field, enter a new name for the report.
6. Exit the window. You’ll see a message that the report was saved.
7. Press enter to continue.

The original report is still loaded. To modify your new report, select Operations > Load existing report and enter the name of the new report in the Report name field.