Running the ReportWriter tutorial

Your ReportWriter distribution includes three demonstration data files for a fictional plant nursery:

You can use these files to experiment with ReportWriter. ReportWriter enables you to combine data from up to 50 files in one report, but to simplify this tutorial, we’re using only three files for our exercises.


On Windows, move the tutorial files, installed by default in c:\Program Files\Synergex\ SynergyDE\rpt\tutor, to a directory outside Program Files. ReportWriter cannot access files in Program Files and its subdirectories. Once the files are moved, set the RPTTUT environment variable in synergy.ini to point to their new directory.

Once ReportWriter is installed and RPTTUT is set correctly on Windows (see the note above), at a command prompt, navigate to the rpt directory, and type the command shown in the table below. This command sets up the environment for the tutorial and starts ReportWriter.      


At the command prompt type…

Windows and UNIX




If you are running on UNIX or OpenVMS, your screens will differ somewhat from the screens shown in this manual. In addition, if you had the environment variables RPSMFIL, RPSTFIL, and RPTRFIL set prior to running the tutorial, you will need to reset them when you’re ready to run ReportWriter with your own data.

Go to Exercise one: Creating a report.