Troubleshooting data access

If you have problems accessing data from an ODBC-enabled application, follow the instructions in this topic. If you’re caching the system catalog, also see Troubleshooting system catalog caching.

For information on troubleshooting problems encountered when generating a system catalog, see Troubleshooting system catalog generation.

Review the repository definitions

If you have problems accessing data, or if data does not display as expected, the problem might be with the way the data is defined in the repository.

See Setting up a repository for more information.

Verify environment and environment variables

Because environment variables are crucial in enabling xfODBC to locate files, it is important to verify them.

Verify file locations

Verify the system catalog

Use DBA to verify the system catalog

You can use the xfODBC Database Administrator (DBA) program to verify that the data definitions were converted correctly.

Verify encryption

If you have verified environment variables and file locations and you are still unable to connect, check the encryption settings on the client (in net.ini) and on the server (in the vtxnetd or vtxnet2 command line). Make sure these settings match, or for testing, remove the encryption settings in both locations and see if you can connect. Additionally, make sure the net.ini file is in the directory specified by VORTEX_HOME. Mismatched encryption settings, along with the inability to access encryption settings in net.ini, can cause a variety of errors when you try to connect, including “invalid connect syntax,” “invalid user ID and/or password,” and “invalid DSN” errors. For more information, see Setting SQL OpenNet client options in net.ini.

Verify the log-in

Open your database with a third-party application

Did you generate a system catalog from the Synergy sample database, and were you able to access this data successfully with an ODBC-enabled application?

Note that Synergex does not provide support for other ODBC-enabled applications, and resolving problems particular to a specific third-party application is beyond the scope of this documentation.

If you are still encountering problems…

If you have followed all the above troubleshooting steps and are still unable to access your database, turn on the ODBC logging options and use the tracing feature. See Error logging for xfODBC for instructions. You may need to call Synergy/DE Developer Support for an interpretation of the log files you generate.

Other sources of information

The Synergy/DE KnowledgeBase is available in the Resource Center on the Synergex website for customers who have purchased a support agreement. The KnowledgeBase includes a wealth of troubleshooting information and answers to frequently asked questions that may help you solve a problem you have encountered. To purchase a support agreement, contact your Synergex account executive.

The REL_CONN.TXT release notes distributed with Connectivity Series include the latest information about new features and restrictions in xfODBC.