Troubleshooting system catalog generation

If you are having difficulty generating a system catalog from your Synergy database, the problem may lie in the repository files themselves or possibly in the generation process. In addition to this topic, you may want to read, If the system catalog won’t open.... and Verifying the system catalog.

If you’re encountering problems when you attempt to access data with an ODBC-enabled application, see Troubleshooting data access. For information on troubleshooting system catalog caching, see Troubleshooting system catalog caching.

Check your repository files

To find problems (such as missing keys) in the repository files themselves, you may need to look at them using S/DE Repository. For information on how repository files should be set up and checked, see Setting up a repository.

Check file locations

Check the conversion setup file

If you have created a conversion setup file and are using it as input for the creation of the system catalog,

If you are using dbcreate to generate the system catalog and you want to input a conversion setup file other than the one specified by the SODBC_CNVFIL environment variable,

Setting variables for generation options