Other environment variables used by xfODBC

These environment variables, with the exception of VORTEX_HOST_NOSEM, are required and are set automatically by the installation (Windows), the setsde script (UNIX), or the SYS$MANAGER:CONNECT_STARTUP.COM command file (OpenVMS). See Configuring Connectivity Series for more information on setsde and CONNECT_STARTUP.COM.

Environment variable




Set to the location of the synergyde\connect directory.

On Windows, CONNECTDIR is set by the installation on 32-bit operating systems or when you run dblvars64.bat or dblvars32.bat to set up 64-bit or 32-bit versions of Synergy/DE on a 64-bit operating system. The installation does not set this environment variable on 64-bit Windows.


Set to the directory that contains the DBA program (which is xfdba.dbr on Windows and UNIX and xfdba.exe on OpenVMS).

Although it’s seldom necessary, you can change this setting.

For client/server configurations, SODBC_DBA must be set on the server.

When you install xfODBC on 64-bit Windows systems, SODBC_DBA is not set automatically; it must be set system-wide or in synergy.ini under the [synergy] heading.


Set to the directory (connect\synodbc) that contains the lib subdirectory, which contains the net.ini file. This file is used for encryption and other SQL OpenNet settings.

On Windows, because VORTEX_HOME is set at the system level, if you install both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Connectivity Series on the same 64-bit Windows machine, the last version installed determines the VORTEX_HOME setting by overwriting the previous setting.


Prevents the SQL OpenNet server from hanging if a thread fails.

This is set in opennet.std, and we don’t recommend changing it.


When set to 1, causes SQL OpenNet to crash when there’s an access violation, enabling you to attach the Windows debugger.

This should be used only at the request of Synergy/DE Developer Support. For more information, see VORTEX_HOST_NOSEM.


Set to the full path and filename of the vtxipc_so.exe shared image.

This setting should not be changed.


Set to the full path and filename of the xfodbcusr_so.exe shared image, which contains routines for user-defined data.

This file must be named xfodbcusr_so.exe, but you may create your own routines and overwrite it. See XFODBCUSR_SO.