Dispatch to a floating‑point function




VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall FXSUBR(routine, arguments[, …])



The address of the OpenVMS floating‑point function to call. (n)


The arguments to the specified routine, passed using the same method as to that routine.


This function enables Synergy code to dispatch to a native OpenVMS floating‑point function, saving the return value for later retrieval. This is the only way to enable retrieval of any floating‑point result on Alpha and I64.

To capture the result from a floating‑point function called through FXSUBR, use the %FSTAT intrinsic function or the FSTAT subroutine. See %FSTAT and FSTAT.


FXSUBR does not work on the MATH$ routines (or on any other routine that passes floating‑point arguments by value) on either the Alpha or the I64. In addition, on the I64, the return value can only be an F or G floating‑point value. An IEEE floating‑point value will not be retrieved correctly.