Return the value of the last floating point call




VSupported on OpenVMS
value = %FSTAT([source_type])

Return value


The return value of the last floating point call as an implied-decimal field. (d)



(optional) The format in which the result was returned from the floating point function invoked using the FXSUBR subroutine.


This function returns the value of the result of the last floating point function called through the FXSUBR subroutine, as an implied-decimal field. If you want to retrieve the result in another format, use the FSTAT subroutine instead of the %FSTAT function.

Source_type specifies what type of floater the result was, or what kind of routine was called. This can either be specified as a letter (“F”, “D”, “G”) or a number indicating the OpenVMS data type as defined in DBLSTARLET:$DSCDEF.DBL, DSC$K_DTYPE_F, DSC$K_DTYPE_D, DSC$K_DTYPE_G.

See also

FSTAT subroutine


See FSTAT Examples.