Set printer settings

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows



status = %WPR_SETDEVICE(report_handle, capability, setting)

Return value


Returns true if the printer supports the specified capability or false if the printer was not set to the requested setting. (n)



The report handle returned by the DWP_GETPRINTER subfunction of %WPR_INFO. (See DWP_GETPRINTER.) (n)


One of the following printer capabilities: (n)

DWP_ORIENTATION = Document orientation

DWP_PAPERSIZE = Paper size

DWP_PAPERLENGTH = Paper length

DWP_PAPERWIDTH = Paper width

DWP_SCALE = Scaling factor

DWP_COPIES = Number of copies

DWP_QUALITY = Print quality

DWP_COLOR = Color vs. monochrome

DWP_DUPLEX = Duplex mode

DWP_COLLATE = Collation

DWP_FORMNAME = Form to use

DWP_FONT = Font characteristics

DWP_TEXTCOLOR = Text color

DWP_BACKCOLOR = Background color

DWP_PAPERSOURCE = Paper source

DWP_SPECS = All printer capabilities


The value to which you want to set the printer capability. (a or n)


%WPR_SETDEVICE is similar to %WPR_GETDEVICE, except that each of the listed capabilities sets—rather than gets—the specified property. See %WPR_GETDEVICE for details on the capability options.

Although all printer capabilities are included in the print_specs structure passed by DWP_SPECS (see DWP_SPECS), only the following can be modified using %WPR_SETDEVICE: orientation, paper_size, paper_length, paper_width, scale, copies, quality, color, duplex, collate, formname, and paper_source. Any settings that you change must be supported by your printer driver.

Custom paper sizes

If your printer driver allows you to select custom paper sizes, you can do so as follows:

1. Use %WPR_GETDEVICE to get the DWP_SPECS for the device.
2. Clear the paper_size member of the returned structure.
3. Set the paper_length and paper_width members to the size of the desired custom form. (The specified paper length and paper width must match a supported paper size; you cannot make up your own paper dimensions unless your printer driver supports it.)
4. Use %WPR_SETDEVICE with DWP_SPECS using the modified structure.