Specify remote routine for %RCB_CALL

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall RX_SETRMTFNC(rcbid, netid, method_id[/encrypt])


The identifier for the routine call block, returned by %RCB_CREATE. (n)


Network connection ID corresponding to the value returned by %RX_START_REMOTE. (n)


The unique identifier (in the Synergy Method Catalog) of the routine being called. (a)


(optional) This method requires encryption.

If you created a dynamically-generated routine call block (RCB) and wish to call it remotely, use RX_SETRMTFNC to set the method ID and network connection ID in the RCB. Then, when a call is made with %RCB_CALL, the remote routine is called.

The /encrypt switch is optional. When encryption is enabled on the xfServerPlus machine, all parameter and return value data for all methods is encrypted. You can further safeguard data on specific method calls by including the /encrypt switch. If you pass /encrypt and encryption is not enabled on the xfServerPlus machine, the error $ERR_XFSERVNOSEC, “Encryption not enabled on server,” will be returned. See Using xfServerPlus encryption for more information on encryption.

See Synergy Routine Call Block API for the RCB routine syntax and instructions on using the RCB_xxx routines.