Initiate a debug connection to xfServerPlus

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
status = %RX_DEBUG_INIT(netid, listen_ip, listen_port)


Indicates whether the connection was successful. (n)

If the connection is made successfully, the status returned is RX_SUCCESS.

If the connection is not made successfully, a Synergy socket error is generated.


Network connection ID describing the connection to the machine on which remote routines are executed. This value is set by %RX_DEBUG_INIT. (n)


The IP address of the machine the client is running on. Pass an a16 for an IPv6 address. For IPv4, pass an a4 or a numeric variable. If the variable type and size do not correspond to the type of IP address found, you’ll get an ARGSIZ error. (a or n)


The port of the machine the client is running on. (n)

%RX_DEBUG_INIT starts a connection to xfServerPlus so that you can manually connect an xfServerPlus session in debug mode. Connecting in debug mode enables you to debug the code in your ELBs on the server. This function is used only for Windows and UNIX servers—not for OpenVMS.

This function binds a port and IP for listening, and then returns the port number and IP address in the corresponding fields. You have to display those values on the screen in a way that is appropriate for your operating system. (The IP address should be displayed in hex.) Use %RX_DEBUG_START to complete the debug connection process.

See Running in debug mode on Windows and UNIX for more information.