Verifying repository structure sizes and enumerations

The Verify Catalog utility enables you to quickly update structure sizes in the Synergy Method Catalog after making changes in your repository. This utility compares the structures in the SMC against the structures in the repository and updates the structure sizes in the SMC if necessary. All changes are logged, as are any other problems that are encountered, such as structures missing from the repository.

The utility also verifies that enumerations selected as parameters or return values in the MDU are present in the current repository. If there are any discrepancies, they are recorded in the log file.

You can run the utility from within the MDU or from the command line.

To verify a catalog

1. Open the SMC that you want to verify. You can do this from Main > Catalog Location, or you can restart the MDU and specify the new catalog location on the command line.
2. From the methods list, select Utilities > Verify Catalog.
3. Provide a log file name or use the default, smc_verify.log. If no path is specified, the log will be created in the current working directory on OpenVMS and in the location specified with the TEMP environment variable on Windows and UNIX.
4. Select OK or press F3. If problems are found, a message to that effect is displayed. Check the log file to see which structure sizes were corrected and to check for problems that the utility could not correct.

To verify a catalog from the command line

You can use the mdu ‑v option to run the Verify Catalog utility from the command line without displaying the MDU user interface. You can use the ‑v option to include verification functionality in a script or batch file. For the command line syntax see Method Definition Utility.