Signing page of Visual Studio project properties (Synergy .NET)

Use the Signing page of project properties in Visual Studio to set strong-name signing options for the Synergy .NET assembly. For more information, see Microsoft documentation.

To access this page, select a project node in Solution Explorer, select Project > Properties from the Visual Studio menu, and then select the Signing tab.

Sign the ClickOnce manifests

Not implemented.


Not implemented.

Timestamp server URL

Not implemented.

Sign the Assembly

Select this option to sign the assembly.

Choose a strong name key file

Specifies a strongly named key file for signing the assembly. Select <New...> to use the Create Strong Name Key dialog box (Synergy .NET) dialog box to create a new file (an .snk file is created). To select an existing key file, select <Browse...>.

Change Password

Not implemented.

Delay sign only

Select this option to use delay signing. If you delay sign an assembly, you'll need to use the Strong Name Tool (Sn.exe) to sign it before you distribute it. For more information, see Microsoft documentation for Sn.exe.

Although delay signed projects cannot be debugged or run, you can prevent verification during development by using Sn.exe with the -Vr option.