Repository page of Visual Studio project properties

Use the Repository page of project properties in Visual Studio to set options that determine how a Synergy/DE Repository project is built.

To access this page, select a Repository project node in Solution Explorer, select Project > Properties from the Visual Studio menu, and then select the Repository tab.

Repository projects can be referenced by or added as dependencies to traditional Synergy projects and Synergy .NET projects. By referencing or adding a dependency to a repository project, the repository files become part of the build system. If repository files change, projects that reference the repository are rebuilt. This eliminates the need to set RPSMFIL and RPSTFIL (or RPSDAT) in your environment.

See Using Synergy/DE repositories in Visual Studio for more information.


Specifies the configuration that settings on this page apply to. This can be Active (default), Debug, Release, All Configurations, or a configuration created for the project.


Specifies the platform that settings on this page apply to. The default is Active. See Microsoft documentation on creating and editing configurations for more information.

Use existing repository

Select this to use existing repository files for the project. To generate repository files from schema files for the project, clear this option. Note that the Build Action for each schema file must be set to Compile.

If this option is selected, the Output file option and schema files in the project will be ignored.

Target ISAM Revision 4

Select this to generate ISAM Revision 4 files for the repository. This type of ISAM file is required for projects that target a Synergy runtime lower than 10.1.1.

RPS Main File:

Specifies the name of the repository main file for the project. The default extensions are .ism and .is1. If "Use existing repository" is

RPS Text File

Specifies the name of the repository text file for the project. The default extensions are .ism and .is1. If "Use existing repository" is

Output path

Specifies the location (relative to the project directory) for repository files generated for this project. The default location is the directory for the current configuration (e.g., bin\Debug\AnyCPU). This field is ignored if "Use existing repository" is selected.