Reference Paths page of Visual Studio project properties (Synergy .NET)

Use the Reference Paths page of project properties in Visual Studio to specify paths used at compile time for assemblies referenced in a Synergy .NET project.

To access the Reference Paths page, select a project node in Solution Explorer, select Project > Properties from the Visual Studio menu, and then select the Reference Paths tab. For more information, see Microsoft documentation on project references.


At runtime referenced assemblies must be in one of the standard locations searched by the .NET assembly loader. Paths specified with this option are ignored at runtime.


To specify a path to a directory containing assemblies, enter the path here, and click Add Folder.

Add Folder

If a valid path is specified in the Folder field, Add Folder adds that path to the Reference Paths list.


If a valid path is specified in the Folder field, Update replaces the path selected in Reference Paths with the path in Folder.

Reference paths

Lists paths used by the project for assembly references—i.e., paths added with Add Folder or Update. The order of this list (which you can change with the up and down arrow buttons) matters only if you have assemblies with the same name in different directories in this list. In that case, the assembly in the directory that's highest in the list will be used.