General, text editor options

Use the General dialog box in Visual Studio to change the default behavior of the code editor for Synergy/DE. 

To access this dialog box, select Tools > Options, and then select Text Editor > Synergy DBL > General in the navigation pane of the Options dialog box.

Auto list members

Available members for objects and classes are listed as you enter code. See the Microsoft documentation for IntelliSense for more information.

Hide advanced members

Not implemented.

Parameter information

Parameter information for functions and procedures is displayed when available. See the Microsoft documentation for IntelliSense for more information.


Enable virtual space

Enables the cursor to be placed beyond the end of a line. If you start typing when the cursor is beyond the end of a line, the space between the end of the line and the characters you type is filled with spaces.

Word wrap

Lines that extend beyond the width of the text editor window wrap to another line. Word wrap is not available when the Enable virtual space option is selected.

Show visual glyphs for word wrap

A return arrow indicator (line break symbol) is displayed at the end of lines that wrap. Clear this check box if you prefer not to display these indicators. Return arrows are for reference only; they are not added to your code and do not print.

Line numbers

Line numbers display on the left-hand side of the text editor. This option applies to .dbl and .dbc files. To invoke this functionality for files with other extensions, set the Line numbers option for All languages. See Microsoft documentation for information.

Enable single-click URL navigation

URLs in text are clickable links. If not selected, URLs are not clickable links.

Navigation bar

Not implemented.

Automatic brace completion

Not implemented.

Apply Cut or Copy commands to blank lines when there is no selection

Determines the behavior of Cut and Copy commands when the insertion point is placed in a blank line without selecting any characters or spaces. If this option is set, the Cut command deletes the blank line, and the Copy command copies the blank line. (The Paste command will then insert a blank line.) If this option is not selected, Cut and Copy do nothing in this situation, and Paste inserts the most-recently copied content.