Advanced page of Visual Studio text editor options

SDI includes a version of the Advanced page for Visual Studio text editor options for Synergy DBL. This page has options for entering outlining mode and for warning suppression. To access this page, select Tools > Options, and then select Text Editor > Synergy DBL > Advanced in the navigation pane of the Options dialog box.

Settings on the Advanced page can be imported and exported using Visual Studio's Import and Export Settings Wizard (Tools > Import and Export Settings). Select the Advanced Dialog Page option on the "Choose Settings to Export" or "Choose Settings to Import" screen of the wizard.

To submit a comment on the Advanced page, use the comment button (Feedback icon) in the top right corner.

Import Directives

Place 'System' directives first when sorting imports

Not implemented.

Suggest imports for types in reference assemblies

Not implemented.

Suggest imports for types in NuGet packages

Not implemented.


Highlight references to symbol under cursor

Not implemented.

Highlight related keywords under cursor

Not implemented.


Enter outlining mode when files open

Makes blocks of code collapsible. When a file is first opened, the editor collapses .region blocks and blocks of inactive code.

Editor Help

Underline errors in editor

Displays red wavy underlines (squiggles) for errors in code, and displays green wavy underlines for warnings.

XML Documentation Comments

Generate XML documentation comments for ; ; ;

Not implemented. XML documentation is automatically generated for documentation comments (comments marked by ;;;).

You can use the Synergy "Doc comment" snippet (shortcut: ";;;") or the "Documentation comment" snippet (shortcut: "comment") to insert a documentation comment:

;;; <summary>
;;; </summary>

See Documentation comments for information on using these comments.

Implement Interface

Surround generated code with .region

Not implemented.


Suppress project platform target and active configuration mismatch warnings

Prevents Visual Studio from reporting warnings about mismatched platform target and project platform settings. For example, unless this option is selected, the following warning is reported if "Platform target" (on the Build page of project properties) is set to x86 for the Any CPU project platform:

"Project platform target and active configuration mismatch detected. Active configuration platform is Any CPU. Actual project platform is x86."