Traditional Synergy compiler options

For traditional Synergy projects, Visual Studio build features invoke the traditional Synergy compiler.

The most commonly used Synergy .NET compiler options are set using options on the Compile page of project properties. Additionally, you can set some compiler options manually by entering them in the Other options field of the Compile page of project properties. See Compile page of Visual Studio project properties (traditional Synergy) for more information.

Compiler options for the "Other options" field

In the following, variables that should be replaced with specific data are in italic type. Optional arguments are enclosed in [italic square brackets]. See Compiling a traditional Synergy routine for more information.


Syntax: -b [bind_name]

Bind the specified name to an executable routine as a secondary main routine. If you do not specify a name, the compiler uses the first source name without an extension.

Bind primary

Syntax: -p main

Compile specified main as the primary (entry) routine for a bound program. The default main routine name is the name of the first source name without an extension.

No expression optimization

Syntax: -R

Don't reduce/optimize expressions.

No object file

Syntax: -n or -qnoobject

Check syntax but do not create an object file.


Syntax: -t

Truncate subroutine, function, and variable names after the sixth character and ignore any remaining characters.


Syntax: -w list_width

Set the width of the program listing equal to list_width, in columns. The default width is 132 columns.