Using Visual Studio for Traditional Synergy

Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio (SDI) includes support for traditional Synergy development. This means you can use Visual Studio to develop traditional Synergy libraries and executables that run under the traditional Synergy runtime on Windows, Linux, and OpenVMS desktop and server systems. (See Development steps for traditional Synergy for information on limitations for Linux and OpenVMS development.)

The topics in this section (listed below) document the development processes for these platforms, but note that they do not fully document third-party products, such as Visual Studio, or the development procedures required to use them. For full information on third-party products, refer to the documentation for those products. For more information on SDI, including topics that are common to both traditional Synergy and Synergy .NET (e.g., setting environment variables and using Synergy/DE repositories), see SDI Basics.

Developing a traditional Synergy application in Visual Studio

Referencing ELBs and OLBs

Creating a prototype-only reference

Setting link priority for traditional Synergy in Visual Studio

Debugging traditional Synergy with Visual Studio

Unit testing for traditional Synergy