option #35

VAX DIBOL-compatible functionality

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows


USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS

System option #35 provides VAX DIBOL-compatible functionality for certain Synergy DBL features. If you set system option #35, the following changes to Synergy DBL behavior occur:

open(chn, o, "file.ddf")
forms(chn, 2)

results in <CR><LF><LF> (three extra lines) if option #35 is set or <CR><LF> (two extra lines, as specified) if option #35 is not set. (OpenVMS)

If you have three files named FILE.A;1, FILE.A;2, and FILE.B;1, and you use the RENAM subroutine as follows:

xcall renam("FILE.A", "FILE.B")

Synergy DBL deletes FILE.B;1 and renames FILE.A;* to FILE.B;*. If flag 3 of the FLAGS subroutine is set, the existence of FILE.B;1 causes a “Cannot supersede existing file” error ($ERR_REPLAC). (Normally, FILE.A;2 is renamed to FILE.B;2 by default.) (OpenVMS)