Generate parameter file descriptions

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX


ipar [-option]  filename[, ...]



(optional) One or more of the following options:


Display brief output by suppressing comments. This makes it possible to compare the output from multiple issuances on the same or a similar file.


Generate a parameter file (or an XDL/FDL file if the -x option is also specified) that has the same name as each ISAM file for which you want a description but with the extension .par (or .idl). If both -x and -g are specified, the filename extension is .xdl.


Generate an XDL or FDL file to the terminal.


The name of the ISAM file(s) for which you want to generate parameter file descriptions. The default extension is .ism.


The ipar utility generates parameter file descriptions of existing ISAM files, which you can then use as input to bldism to rebuild the same files. These descriptions contain current content information about the specified ISAM file in their comment lines.

If you don’t specify any option, ipar sends parameter information to the terminal by default.

If ipar detects an .is2 file, it generates a warning message but generates the file description anyway.


The following example generates a parameter file named file1.par for file1.ism and a file named file2.par for file2.ism:

ipar -g file1 file2

The next example generates a parameter file with the extension .par for each of the ISAM files in the current directory:

ipar -g *.ism

The following example generates parameter information for our ISAM file, cusmas.ism:

ipar cusmas

This example sends the following information to the terminal:

;               Synergy ISAM PAR File created Fri Feb  12 17:36:23 1999
cusmas.ism, variable, compress
2000            ;Record size
5               ;Number of keys
                ;5ca5 magic, Revision 4, 14 byte record overhead
                ;Shared index cache allowed
                ;Creation version 7.1
                ;File created on Mon Feb 01 12:29:04 1999
                ;43 byte longest key
                ;0 free index blocks, 0x0 free list head
                ;100 records, 0 free
                ;Primary alpha key
                ;30 key size
2               ;Number of segments
                ;Segment #1 
15              ; Segment length
16              ; Start position
                ;Segment #2 
15              ; Segment length
1               ; Start position
N               ;Duplicates allowed
D               ;Ascending/descending
                ;Root 0x800, index depth 1
                ;Minimum keys per block 14
                ;Alternate alpha key #1
30              ;Key size
31              ;Start position
Y               ;Duplicates allowed
Y               ;Insert at front
A               ;Ascending/descending
75              ;Index density percentage
                ;Root 0xc00, index depth 1
                ;Qualifier offset 5
                ;Minimum keys per block 13
                ;Alternate alpha key #2
                ;40 key size
3               ;Number of segments
                ;Segment #1
20              ; Segment length
61              ; Start position
                ;Segment #2
10              ; Segment length
51              ; Start position
                ;Segment #3
10              ; Segment length
91              ; Start position
Y               ;Duplicates allowed
N               ;Insert at front
A               ;Ascending/descending
70              ;Index density percentage
                ;Root 0x1000, index depth 1
                ;Qualifier offset 8
                ;Minimum keys per block 10
                ;Alternate alpha key #3
R               ;Replicating null key
32              ;Null value ' '
5               ;Key size
101             ;Start position
Y               ;Duplicates allowed
Y               ;Insert at front
A               ;Ascending/descending
                ;Root 0x1400, index depth 1
                ;Qualifier offset 11
                ;Minimum keys per block 36
                ;Alternate key #4
D               ;Decimal type
10              ;Key size
120             ;Start position
N               ;Duplicates allowed
A               ;Ascending/descending
90              ;Index density percentage
                ;Root 0x1800, index depth 1
                ;Minimum keys per block 32