The list subroutines and functions

The following subroutines and functions enable you to create, process, and maintain lists. For general information on these tasks, see Defining lists and Processing and maintaining lists. For specific on defining list behavior, see Defining behavior for lists.

L_BORDER - Add or remove the border and drag bar on a list

L_BUTTON - Add, delete, or modify a button on a list

L_BUTTONSET - Define the placement of a set of buttons on a list

%L_BUTTONSTATE - Enable or disable a button on a list

L_CHR - Perform single-keystroke input to a list

L_CLASS - Create a list class at runtime

%L_CLASSINFO - Return information about a list class

L_CREATE - Create a list

L_CTRCONTEXT - Establish focus within a child list window

L_DATA - Manipulate the data in a list

L_DELETE - Delete a list

L_DISABLE - Disable a list

L_ENABLE - Enable a list

L_FINDSPEC - Specify parameters for a find operation

%L_FINDWND - Construct a find window for L_SELECT

L_GLOBAL - Promote a list to global status

%L_ICON - Set a list icon

L_INPFLD - Perform single-field input within a list

L_INPUT - Perform input to a set within a list

L_METHOD - Register a list method

L_NEXT - Set selected item by number

L_PLACE - Place a list

L_PROCESS - Process a list

L_QUEUE - Queue commands for a list

L_REMOVE - Remove a list

L_RESIZE - Resize a list

L_RESTART - Restart a list

L_RETURNKEY - Set the return state of privatized keys

L_SECT - Place text in a list header, footer, or title

L_SECTDRAW - Draw a line in a list header or footer

L_SELECT - Do list selection processing

%L_SELSTYLE - Retrieve/change the selection style for a list

L_STATE - Modify a list’s state

L_STATUS - Retrieve the status of a list

%L_USER - Set/retrieve user data associated with a list

L_VIEW - Shift the horizontal display area of a list