The composite window processing methods

To process a child window or list, C_PROCESS calls either the default processing method for the child or the processing method assigned to the child when it was added with DC_ADD. The topics listed below document the default Toolkit-supplied processing methods for composite windows and the arguments and return values needed for any processing methods you write for child windows or lists.


You must declare method arguments exactly as documented. Toolkit provides strong prototype validation for composite window processing methods. Incorrectly declared arguments will cause undefined results.

C_METHAX - Process a child ActiveX window

C_METHCTR - Process a child composite window

C_METHINP - Process a child input window

C_METHLST - Process a child list

C_METHNET - Process a child .NET form window

C_METHNOP - Prevent a child from gaining focus

C_METHSEL - Process a child selection window

C_METHTS - Process a child tabbed dialog

C_METHTXT - Process a child text window

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