Call extension routine for restore event

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




value = %AX_TKEVENT_RESTORE(resv_1, resv_2, ^VAL(container_id),

Return value


The return value for the method. On Windows, this function always returns true unless the extension returns false. On UNIX, this function will cause an error if invoked. On OpenVMS, it returns true. (^VAL)


resv_1, resv_2

Reserved for internal use. (a)


The ID of the Toolkit container window for the ActiveX control. This must be passed by value. (i)


The event code for the event that invokes the extension. This must be passed by value. (i)


If you passed the prefix argument to %AX_TKSINGLE or %GRID_CREATE, and a routine with the name prefix_TKEVENT_RESTORE was available when the container was created, %AX_TKEVENT_RESTORE calls your extension routine for the D_EVENT_RESTORE event. If you didn’t pass the prefix argument, %AX_TKEVENT_RESTORE does nothing.

This routine is part of the method set that’s registered for %AX_TKSINGLE or %GRID_CREATE.

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