Moving your application to other systems

You can deploy your application on any of the platforms supported by Synergy/DE while maintaining a single set of source code for your entire application. It does not matter on which platform your application was developed or to which platform you want to deploy.

Refer to the Professional Series Portability Guide for information about the functions, requirements, and processes that differ on the various platforms.

Moving customized files to other systems

Most of the following provide two ways to move files, depending on whether or not the destination system has the same endian type as the original system. If you’re unsure of your system’s endian type, see Endian types for a list of the endian types of various systems.

Moving key mapping files

Follow the rules in Moving database files to other systems.

Moving text message files

To move Synergy/DE text message files to another system, do one of the following:

Moving window library files

To move your window library files to another system, do one of the following: