Copy or load scroll bar characters


WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall U_CHARSB(D_LOAD|D_COPY, characters)



Set scroll bar characters. (n)


Return current scroll bar characters. (n)


The series of scroll bar characters. (a12)


U_CHARSB copies or loads the characters you want to use for denoting the various states of a scroll bar window in UNIX or OpenVMS environments. (This routine does work on Windows, but the results are non-standard.)

If D_LOAD is specified, the contents of characters will supersede any previously-defined scroll bar characters. D_COPY returns to the current settings for the scroll bar characters in characters.

Characters contains 12 individual characters to display in a scroll bar. The table below shows the order of specification and the “initial” values of the characters upon program setup. The horizontal and vertical fill characters are set to the horizontal and vertical line-drawing characters. This makes the indicator appear to “slide” along a line, which many times coincides with the window’s border. Renditions for scroll bar sections may be modified with the routines U_REND, U_MODREND, or U_EDITREND.

Scroll Bar Characteristics


Initial setting

Scroll to “more” upwards


Scroll to “more” downwards


Scroll to “more” to the left


Scroll to “more” to the right


Screen position already at the top edge; there is “no more” upwards


Screen position already at the bottom edge; there is “no more” downwards


Screen position already at the left edge; there is “no more” to the left


Screen position already at the right edge; there is “no more” to the right


Vertical pointer

Horizontal pointer


Horizontal area fill

Vertical area fill



The following example sets the “more” upwards and “more” downwards scroll bar characters to ‘+’ and sets the “no more” characters and “fill” characters to blank. The other characters are set to the default values.

chars  ,a12
chars = "++<>    -|  " 
xcall u_charsb(D_LOAD, chars)