Display an “About” help window

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall U_ABOUT(application, version, compiled)



The name of the application. (a)


The version of the application. (a)


The date the application was compiled. (a)


U_ABOUT displays an “About” help window, which contains general information about the current application:

You pass the text for the first three items (in application, version, and compiled) when you call U_ABOUT. U_ABOUT supplies the information for the next two items. If you have specified an application icon with %U_ICON, it will be displayed in the window.

U_ABOUT creates a window named “u_about” and displays it on the screen. It then waits for the user to press Enter (or click the OK button in a Windows environment). After the user responds, the window is deleted, and this subroutine returns. Typically, you will call this subroutine within a case statement in your EUTILS_METHOD to support an “About” hot entry for your application.

The About window uses the current help window renditions. It displays 16 lines above the information line, and is centered horizontally on the screen. Each of the items in the bulleted list above is displayed on a separate line. The text is centered horizontally. Each line of information can contain a maximum of 76 characters. The About window title displays as “About application.”

Static text in the window is maintained in the text message file, under facility DTK. Mnemonics are ABOUT, VERSION, COMPILED, and DTKVERS.

If a window named “u_about” already exists when this subroutine is called, a fatal error occurs.

In a Windows environment, this subroutine creates a Windows-style message box with an OK button and any application icon you have specified (using %U_ICON). The text within the message box will be left-justified rather than centered. Note that U_ABOUT cannot time out on Windows.

If a time-out occurs on UNIX or OpenVMS, g_select is set to true and g_entnam is set to the entry name specified in tkctl.def for g_time_entry. See g_time_entry.


The following displays an “About” window like the ones in figure 1 and figure 2.

xcall u_about("Repository", "8.3.1", %datecompiled)

1. An “About” window in a UNIX or OpenVMS environment.

An About window in a UNIX or OpenVMS environment

2. A Windows-style “About” window.

A Windows style About window