Log a toolbar with the environment

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows




xcall TB_TKLOG(tbid[, D_GLOBAL])



The ID of a toolbar created by the TB_CREATE subfunction of %TB_TOOLBAR. (n)


(optional) The global toolbar flag; the toolbar is logged at the global environment level. If not passed, the toolbar is logged at the current environment level. (n)


TB_TKLOG logs a toolbar with the environment. On UNIX and OpenVMS, this routine is ignored.

Use this function only if you created the toolbar with the TB_CREATE subfunction of %TB_TOOLBAR. If you pass D_GLOBAL, the toolbar is logged with the global environment. If not passed or is passed as false, the toolbar is logged with the current environment.

If tbid is an invalid toolbar ID or has already been logged with an environment, a fatal error will occur.     


Once a toolbar has been assigned to an environment, you must leave the management of the toolbar to Toolkit. Use TB_TKDEL if you want to explicitly delete the toolbar.