Process a check box selection window

WTSupported in traditional Synergy on Windows
WNSupported in Synergy .NET on Windows
USupported on UNIX
VSupported on OpenVMS
xcall S_SELECTCB(window_id, flag_array, [current_item], [select_col][, help_id]) 



The ID of an existing selection window. (n)


An array of true/false flags, which must have at least as many elements as the selection window has fields. (n)


(optional) The item number you want initially selected. It is returned with the final selected item number. (n)


(optional) The selection column ID. (n)


(optional) The help identifier. (a)


S_SELECTCB enables the user to process a check box selection window.

When the user presses enter on an item, its truth value is toggled. If an entry is false, a space is displayed. If true, the check mark character, which is generally and “X”, appears in the first position (to the left) of the entry. On UNIX and OpenVMS, the value of g_chk_char determines the check mark character. On Windows, setting g_chk_char has no effect. This subroutine returns whenever an item is toggled or an unrecognized menu entry is signaled.

On Windows, the mouse can be used to highlight and toggle items.

Flag_array is an array of numeric true/false values. This array must already correspond to the visual truth values in the selection window (see S_UPDATECB) and must contain at least as many elements as there are selectable entries in the window.

On return, flag_array contains the updated true/false values resulting from the user’s input.

If you don’t pass current_item, S_SELECTCB defaults to initially highlight the first item in the window. When the user exits, current_item will return with the last item highlighted.

You can pass select_col with the column ID of an existing menu column that you want placed upon entry to, and removed upon exit from this subroutine.

If the name of the selected menu entry begins with “U_”, the EUTILS_METHOD subroutine is called and the input is redone. If the internal name of the selected menu entry is “O_HELP,” the EHELP_METHOD subroutine is called with help_id as its argument.

For information on designing check box selection windows, see Creating a check box selection window.

See also

S_SELECT routine for a list of recognized menu entries