Troubleshooting DLLLOAD errors

DLLLOAD errors indicate that one of the Connectivity Series components can’t load a needed DLL or shared library. The DLL or shared library may be missing, it may be invalid (incorrectly named or an incorrect version), its file specification may be missing from PATH (on Windows) or from the library path (on UNIX), the listed DLL or shared library may not be able to access third-party DLLs or shared libraries it needs, or if you’re on UNIX, the setuid (+s) bit may be set for the Synergy runtime (dbr). DLLLOAD errors occur only on machines that support either DLLs or shared libraries, and these errors are generally caused by a problem with the way Connectivity Series is installed or, on UNIX, by a failure to source setsde correctly.

To troubleshoot, run the dltest utility from the command line. This utility indicates whether needed Connectivity Series DLLs or shared libraries can be accessed. On UNIX, it tells you the name of the library path environment variable (for example, LIBPATH on AIX). See SQL Connection troubleshooting and error logging for more information on dltest, and note the following:

For information on which Synergy shared libraries are causing the error, run dltest from the rc file (directly before the startnet command) or from the UNIX command (“cron”, “at”, etc.) that runs the SQL Connection client application. Remember that the problem may be that Connectivity Series cannot access a third-party shared library needed by the shared library listed in the error (for example, may be inaccessible to when using Oracle).