Search and navigation FAQ


Is Search case sensitive?

No, Search is case insensitive. For example, searching on “select” will also find “Select,” “SELECT,” etc.

Can I search on a partial word without a wildcard?

Yes, Search finds all instances of the partial word, regardless of what precedes or follows it. For example, searching on “run” will also find “running,” “runtime,” “re-run,” “truncate,” etc.

How do I search on a phrase?

Use quotation marks to search on a phrase, such as “application configuration file”. Quoting a phrase is also useful when searching for keywords that are made up of common words, such as “do until“ and “for do”.

How can I filter my search?

You can narrow the scope of your search by selecting a topic from the dropdown to the right of the Search field. For best results, we recommend that you first search for a term in “All files” and use the search filters only if you get too many hits.

You can also use the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, and ( ) to better focus your search. By default, multiple words in the Search field are ANDed.

How do I make the highlights go away on a search results page after I’ve located what I need?

To clear the highlighting on a page, click the “Remove search highlights” button ().


How can I quickly scroll from section to section?

The and buttons at the top of the page move between major section headings. When you get to the last major section on a page, clicking the right arrow again will advance you to the next page.

How can I link directly to a subheading on the page?

To the right of most headings is a chain link icon (). To copy a URL that will link directly to that heading, right-click the link icon and select “Copy link address.”