Displaying the list of available fields

You can display a list of available fields by doing one of the following:

The first time this list is displayed for a given function, it contains the fields that are available from the report’s primary file. This filename displays in the list’s title bar. The list footer displays the structure associated with the file.   


By default, the field descriptions display. To display field names instead, select List > Toggle view. To switch back to a display of field descriptions, select Toggle view again.

1. A list of available fields.

The data type and field size are listed to the right of the field. An asterisk (*) indicates the field is an array. The possible data types are listed below. See Understanding field data types for details.

A = Alphanumeric

D = Decimal or implied-decimal

DT = Date

TM = Time

U = User-defined

ED = Enumerated (decimal)

Moving to the next report file

To display the fields that are available for selection from the next report file (if the report has more than one file to read), press tab or select List > Next report file. Keep pressing tab to rotate through the available files. The title and footer of the list of available fields changes accordingly.