Generating a report to a file

Follow these instructions to create an ASCII file that contains your report output.

1. Select Operations > Generate report file.

If no report is loaded, you are prompted for the report name. Enter the name of the report for which you want to generate a file or select from a list of available reports with Name functions > List selections.

The Generate Report File window is displayed.

2. Enter data in the fields:

Output filename

Enter a name for your report file. The default file extension is .ddf.

Output format

Select an output format:

Report form = Generate the entire report to a file, including headers, footers, subtotals, and so forth.

Data only = Include only the actual detail record data in the file, without headers, footers, the date and page number line, break lines, subtotal and total lines, break counts, strip characters, and blank lines.

Worksheet = Generate an export file for applications such as spreadsheets. If you select this option, a Worksheet Options window is displayed. Enter data in the fields:

Include first page header

Select Yes to include the header for the first page of the report at the top of the output file. Otherwise, select No.

Field delimiter

Select a delimiter character to separate the report data fields from one another. Valid options are Comma (default), Tab, Space, Semicolon.

The current report data (detail and break line) is blank stripped and separated by the specified delimiter character. Alphanumeric, date, and time fields are enclosed in quotation marks. Formatted numeric fields honor the “Z”, “X”, “.”, and “-” formatting characters; all others are ignored.

3. Exit the window.

To cancel report file generation, press the interrupt character for your system.