Getting information about a selection window item

The RW_LSTINFO_METHOD routine can provide information for the Information menu entry in ReportWriter, which can be made accessible when the user is viewing a selection list; it is intended to give more information about the highlighted list item.


a_content       ,n      ;Determines content of following arguments (d1)
a_file          ,a      ;File definition name (a30)
a_structure     ,a      ;Structure definition name (a30)
a_field         ,a      ;Field or relation definition name, depending on content (a30)

This routine works with the Information menu entry, which can be made available in ReportWriter when the user views a selection list of files, structures, relations, or fields. You can overload the distributed “dummy” routine with one that retrieves more information about the highlighted list item. For example, you might use the Repository Subroutine Library routines (DD_FIELD, DD_FILE, and so forth) to look up long description or template information in your repository.

The Information entry (whose internal name is usr_fld) is disabled in the rptctl.wsc file that came with your Synergy/DE distribution. If you write your own RW_LSTINFO_METHOD routine, you must edit the script file and remove the disable attribute from all usr_fld menu entries.

This is the version of RW_LSTINFO_METHOD that’s linked with your ReportWriter distribution.

subroutine rw_lstinfo_method
;Description: May get called to show more information on a list entry.
a_content       ,n      ;Content of following arguments
a_filnam        ,a      ;File definition name
a_strnam        ,a      ;Structure definition name
a_fldnam        ,a      ;Field or relation definition name depending on content 

.include "RPT:rptmsg.def"
    xcall ru_message(MSG_NOHELP)