Compare Repository to Files utility (fcompare)

The Compare Repository to Files (fcompare) utility compares the definitions in the repository to the actual ISAM definitions that they represent and writes the results to a log file.


You can also run the fcompare utility from the command line.

1. Select Utilities > Compare Repository to Files. The default repository filenames displayed are determined by the logic discussed in Determining the repository files used.

1. Comparing Repository and ISAM files.

2. Enter data in each field as instructed below.

Repository main file

Enter or select the name of the repository main file to be compared.

Repository text file

Enter or select the name of the repository text file to be compared.


To compare all repository file definitions with their associated physical files, select All. To compare a single repository file definition, select Specific.


If you selected Specific in the Option field, enter the name of the file to compare.

Verify data

Select this option to turn on data verification mode, which reads through all records in the ISAM file and verifies that date fields contain valid dates and decimal fields contain numbers. Verification mode is available only when Option is set to Specific and can significantly increase the time it takes to run a comparison.

Log file

Specify a log file name for output. By default, the file is named COMPARE.LOG and created in the current working directory. If the file already exists, it is overwritten.

Verbose logging

Select this option to log general information about the files (e.g., the number of keys and segments), warnings, and errors. Regular (non-verbose) logging logs only errors.

3. Exit the window to run the comparison.