Viewing Repository definitions

The options on the View menu enable you to view Repository definitions without modifying any data. Although this mode is referred to as “view mode”, you can enter new data, but all changes are ignored when you exit the window.

You can view the following definitions in view mode: structures, files, templates, formats, enumerations, fields, keys, relations, tags. You can also view long descriptions, assigned structures, and so forth. When you’re in view mode, the footer displays “View…” rather than “Modify…”.

1. In the View menu, select the type of definition you want to view. You’ll see a reminder that you are in view mode and that changes will not be saved. Select OK.
2. In the Definitions list, highlight the definition you want to view and press Enter. The definition is displayed for viewing.

To quit viewing the definition and return to the current Definitions list, press the Exit shortcut.