Customizing the Repository display

Prompts, help messages, shortcuts, menu column headings, and menu entry text reside in the window library file rpsctl.ism. You can modify the contents of this file to change shortcuts or translate prompts and help messages to another language.

Do not modify the following items:

We also recommend that you not modify tab and arrow key shortcuts, as these keys are explicitly referenced throughout the Repository documentation.

The window library file is located in the directory pointed to by the RPS environment variable (i.e., the main Repository directory). If RPS is not defined, Repository attempts to open the file in the current directory.

To modify the Repository window library file,

1. Make a backup copy of rpsctl.wsc and rpsctl.ism (and rpsctl.is1 on Windows and UNIX) before you make any changes.
2. Move to the RPS directory and open the window script file rpsctl.wsc. (The window library file is created from this script file.)
3. Modify the rpsctl.wsc file as desired.
4. Run the Toolkit script compiler (Script) to create the window library file, rpsctl.ism. See Compiling scripts for a more information.